uplifting coffee

Coffee is both a beverage and an experience —
Steam rising off of a perfectly brewed Latte that warms your hands as the snow falls...
The beauty of expertly textured foam on a smooth, rich Cappuccino sipped in good company...
The crisp, soothing coolness of an Iced Americano enjoyed on the patio on a hot summer day...

At RiiZE you will experience quality, curated coffees, teas, and treats served by our expert baristas who also happen to be warm, lovely human beings.

uplifting coffee

RiiZE was born out of a long time love of quality coffee, belief in the power of community, and a desire to truly serve our patrons. Our passion is elevating the experience of coffee, lifting coffee laborers out of poverty, and providing a place to gather [come together; assemble, bring together and take in from scattered places].

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In addition to gracing us with their complex, clean flavors, these little gems are literally changing the world! We serve only certified organic beans sourced from woman owned farms and roasted by Ampersand Coffee Roasters. You will never taste over-roasted beans here. Over roasting destroys the complex, individual flavor profile of beans...

Our beans are someone's art!

coffee beans

We are committed to honoring the beans, and the life and work of all the human beings involved, from farm to cup. We are proud to be aligned with Ampersand to provide the highest quality coffee experience to our customers while supporting women's empowerment, environmental sustainability, and upward spirals out of poverty. Check out Ampersand and their mission here. Santé!

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In addition to amazing coffee, we have free wifi, and multiple outlets.

Find us at 8200 Southpark Circle, Littleton CO 80120.

coffee beans